June 25, 2015

so much has changed - but God hasn't

so much has changed over the past six months

My oldest son is a high school graduate. He has a full-time job with a local landscaping company and loves it. He comes home every day dirty and drenched in sweat and happy. No more books. No more tests. No more projects. He is free to be outside where he is happy. He has aged out of Boy Scouts which has been his safe spot for the last four years. He is now a Boy Scout leader. He has his own bank account, pay check, his own Jeep (1991), and is happy... He is content in a way I have never witnessed before. He still is "Alex", but he is a happy Alex.

My daughter is a junior in high school now... That is weird to see in writing. She performed in several choral shows and loved each one more the the last. She ended the year with a 4.3 GPA and loved her classes. She claims to be a nerd and seems pretty proud about it! She lives to babysit and would do it every day if she was asked. She still claims to have no idea what she wants to do as a "grown-up", but knows that she wants to be a mom. She will be a great one. She has been friends with a sweet young man for a while now and they have decided to date... This teenage stuff is hard on a mama. So proud to see her growing up, but it tugs on my heart strings to see her growing up. She got her braces off, her tongue clipped, decided to stop straightening her hair in order to embrace the natural curl, and tried out for the select choir for fall (and made it!).

My youngest son will be in the 4th grade in three weeks. He finished the year doing amazing work. He stresses over perfection and gets frustrated if there is anything that he can not do perfectly. He will forever be a nerd. When asked if he would like to try out for a local sports team, he replied "Mom, I tried running once. It isn't for me. I am more of a library kid, a nerd. And nerds make all the money." He keeps me laughing. He continues to be the amazing 'lil professor. He has always wanted to be a zoo keeper/chemist... however, several days over break he went to SAS with his daddy to work. He has decided that SAS is amazing and that he may want to work there with his dad. I happen to know that  would please his father like nothing else! 

Scott is as busy as busy can be. He works too many hours for SAS... He is the Asst Scoutmaster in charge of Advancement for Troop 400. He is head of the parent committee for Pack 400. He is also the District Chair over Advancement for all of Mawat Scouts. Don't forget that he is also the lead singer and drummer for the band Double Shot... I see him every once and awhile, but he is usually sleeping when he's here!

then there is me...

In 1983, I decided that I would be a chorus teacher... In 1993, I got my first paying teaching position. I loved it. I taught high school. Then I taught middle school. After having a couple of kids, I started teaching preschool... I spent 32 years wanting to teach and 22 years actually teaching... But in March everything changed. In March, I started a new adventure. I never wanted this job, looked for this position, or would have believed that it would happen the way that it did... But in March I started working for a company that I had known of my entire life... My grandparents were members of the Woodmen of the World... They attended monthly meetings and potlucks. They had life insurance and other financial products. They loved it. Quite by accident, I was approached to work as an administrative assistant for a local representative.... I did not really put my best foot forward. Think of Erin Brochovich... I was offered the job... It is filled with terms that I do not understand. Every day I learn a little more. I am able to do more on the computer. I meet and talk with more interesting people. I am impressed with the community service and involvement. I am finding that I love it. I miss the friends who I had worked with for so many years... It is very different to go from working with 28 close knit ladies to being in an office with two men... I miss my friends and have gone through a type of mourning that loss that I did not believe would be so intense... I was sad to see them slowly taper off, stop calling or responding to my calls... however, in the end, I have learned who will continue to stand with me. I have learned that I am capable of more than I ever thought. I have found that I love working in an office. I can see where my OCD and organizing skills can really come in handy. I am a glorified secretary, and I love each day of it. A lot has changed for me. My job description is completely different. I am in an office for the first time ever. I have never worked in a male dominated office. I am focusing in new directions and excited about the future. 

so much has changed over the past six months but so much is still the same

My kids continue to fight hard and love hard. My husband is a hard worker, a consistent provider, and faithful to the core. We love our small group and the support that we have received over the months. Our dogs continue to bring us so much happiness and cause us to fight over who loves them the most, even though everyone knows that the dogs truly love me the most! I continue to strive to keep relationships current and positive... I am learning more every day and loving it all.

so much has changed - but life changes constantly

I think I get into a patch of "woe is me" and get lost in the change and turmoil... but God is faithful. Hindsight is always perfect. His Will is perfect. All of the change over the past 6 months has been positive. Some change was brought due to personal growth. Some change was brought due to bad choices. Yet, my God can take all of it and turn it around and use it for my good. He is teaching me not to have an anxious heart. He is enough... 

so much has changed - but God hasn't

and HE is all I need

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